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Farmchild's Lullaby by Valerie Capers

“Farmchild’s Lullaby” by Valerie Capers. For Tenor and piano. 11 pages.


January 27, 2018 - first performance of this version for tenor and piano, presented at the Performing Arts Center, Eastside College Preparatory School, East Palo Alto, California in a concert entitled “Out of the Blues: The Gift of Song”

Othello Jefferson and Josephine Gandolfi, piano


Live concert video:


“Farmchild’s Lullaby” is recorded on Cambria CD 1270: “Good News: African American Spirituals and Art Songs,” Othello Jefferson, tenor, Josephine Gandolfi, piano



Valerie Capers composed “Farmchild’s Lullaby” in 1986 as the third piece in a five-movement choral work entitled The Gift of Song, based on the poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar, commissioned by a CUNY (City University of New York) research grant. With permission of the composer, Josephine Gandolfi arranged the work for solo tenor and piano.


Farmchild's Lullaby by Valerie Capers


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