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Jaygayle Music Books was established in 2007 for the publication of books about women in music and film and television music. 


Some of these books are available in the SHOP; others are available on Amazon. If you have any questions, please send an email to


American Composer Zenobia Powell Perry: Race and Gender in the 20th Century (2009) by Jeannie Gayle Pool. Foreword by Donald Rosenberg. ISBN 13-978-0-8108-6376-7. 278 pages. $25


Source Readings from the International Congress on Women in Music (2019).  Compiled and edited by Jeannie Gayle Pool and Beverly Simmons. Foreword by Stephen M. Fry. ISBN  978-1-798-86289-6. 497 pages. $27.50


Peggy Gilbert & Her All-Girl Band. (2008) by Jeannie Gayle Pool. Foreword by Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner. ISBN 13-978-0-8108-6102-2. 278 pages. $25

Passions on Musical Women: The Story of the International Congress on Women in Music (2009) by Jeannie Gayle Pool. ISBN 978-1-797-67390-5. 241 pages. $14.95.​


A Research Guide for Film and Television Music in the United States, by Jeannie Gayle Pool and M. Stephen Wright. Scarecrow Press (2010).. Foreword by Leonard Maltin. ISBN 0810876884; 978-0876880. 175 pages. Available from Amazon Books and from the publisher.

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The Story of the All-Women's Orchestras in California (2020), by Jeannie Gayle Pool. Foreword by Louise DiTullio. Bibliography by Stephen M. Fry. ISBN 978-1-075-29133-3. $9.95

j g pool women in music history research

Women in Music History: A Research Guide (1977), by Jeannie Gayle Pool. ISBN 978-1-797-67390-5. 241 pages. $10

Broken Chords  by Jeannie Gayle Pool.jpg

Broken Chords: Love Poems (2009), by Jeannie Gayle Pool. ISBN 978-0-557-06417-5. 61 pages. $4​

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Rants: Text Sound Pieces. (1982) by Jeannie Gayle Pool. 36 pages. [Some of these were set to music for SATB chorus plus instruments by Herb Bielawa.]  $10​