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Black Lives Matter and Music

One impact of the Black-Lives-Matter movement is a heightened interest in the music of African American composers. Jaygayle Music (ASCAP) publishes the music of Zenobia Powell Perry (1908-2004), an African American and Creek Indian composer. Since June, the inquiries about her life, music, and legacy have increased substantially and the recordings of her music (Cambria Master Recording, distributed by Naxos) are being played regularly on classical radio stations. Educators are searching for the music of African American composers to add to their courses and private studio teaching. Performers are looking at the music to program in the future when "normal" concert life returns. Requests for Jeannie Pool's biography of Miss Perry, American Composer Zenobia Powell Perry: Race and Gender in the 20th Century are up. Let's hope this trend continues because we are all enriched by this music and the life stories of these composers. Visit for more information and the Jaygayle Music channel on Youtube.

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