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Paragraphs. Lalalala lalala lalalala lalalala lalalalalalala. Lalalala lalala lalalalalala la lalalala lalalalalala.

Under a photo. 



​Jeannie Gayle Pool, Ph.D. is an ASCAP composer, arranger, and orchestrator since 1997. Her compositions have been heard in California, Washington, D.C., Ohio,  Massachusetts, Toronto, Paris, Belgrade, India, and China, and in several short films and documentaries.


Her restoration and production in 2011 of the original score by J.S. Zamecnik for the Academy-Award winning film Wings (1927) received many complimentary reviews and recognition including a nomination for the International Film Music Critics Award in 2013 (Best Archival Re-recording of an Existing Score).

As a musicologist and producer, she served as the Executive Director of the Society for the Preservation of Film Music (later named The Film Music Society) from 1990 to 2002. She was a consultant and music archivist for the Paramount Picture Motion Picture Music Department from 1995 until 2012. (Click here to learn more about her work in the film industry.) 

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