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Zenobia was a fascinating and prolific American composer and pianist.  She wrote songs, piano pieces, chamber works, an opera, and music for orchestra and symphonic wind band. Of African-American and Creek Indian descent, her unique life story is about perseverance and determination—how to pursue your dreams, regardless of your race, gender, age, or economic background. It shows how individual strength, personal integrity, and courage, as well as self-expression through community involvement, determine how one person can make a difference in her family, community, and nation. Her compact discs, produced by Jeannie Pool are available through Cambria Master Recordings, distributed by Naxos.

Zenobia's original manuscripts and personal papers are on deposit at the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago.

For more information on Tawawa House, click here.

Jaygayle Music (ASCAP) is pleased to announce that the music of Zenobia Powell Perry is now available in newly edited, engraved versions, based upon the composer’s original manuscripts (held in the collection of the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago). Some performances of these works can be viewed on Youtube. See: Jaygayle Music Channel.

Many of the recordings of her music on the Cambria Master Recording label can be heard on Youtube or through your favorite music streaming service. The compact discs can also be purchased through this site.

Please note that staged performances of the opera Tawawa House involve the negotiation of grand rights with Jaygayle Music, which fee includes rental of the complete score and parts. Please contact us for more details. Click here for a complete description of the opera. 


darryl and zenobia 2003.jpg

Zenobia Perry and Darryl Taylor, 2003

Zenobia Perry and Jeannie Pool 2003.jpg

Jeannie and Zenobia, 2003

gang after recording session.jpg

Jeannie, Janis Rozena-Peri, Zenobia Perry,

and John ("Jack") Crotty, 2001.

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