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MUSIC by Jeannie

Professional composer (ASCAP), since 1996, with performances of orchestral and chamber music in Los Angeles, San Diego, Belgrade, Beijing, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Boston, and Cleveland, many of them commissioned works.


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Orchestral Works

A Dream, a new score for the Mary Pickford film of the same title, from 1911. Commissioned by the Scarborough Philharmonic, Ontario, Canada. Premiered 2011.*  $65 for score and parts.


A Rogue’s Life: a violin concerto. Commissioned by Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra for the 35th anniversary season of the orchestra, San Diego, California, David Amos, conducting.*$65 for score and parts.

Angel’s Flight, for symphony orchestra with flute and clarinet soloists, commissioned by the Scarborough Philharmonic, Ronald Royer, conductor.* $65 for score and parts.


New Beginnings:  San Diego Spring, Overture for Orchestra.  Three performances January 2007, San Diego, California, David Amos Conducting, Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra. [“A gracious, imitative melodic theme, tossed from one first-chair soloist to another, was especially memorable. At the work’s conclusion, the audience was exceptionally enthusiastic, and the orchestral players applauded Pool for providing them with fresh, new music that is also readily playable.”—Sheryl Carlin.] $35 for score and parts.


Cinematic Suite for String Orchestra (2005).  Premiered by the Toronto Sinfonietta, January 2005, at the Royal Ontario Museum, Ronald Royer, conducting.* $65 for score and parts.

Paper Cranes, in memoriam Toru Takemitsu for string orchestra, premiered in Los Angeles.  Performed at the University of Toronto, 2004. $35 for score and parts.


Episodia II for chamber orchestra, in five movements.  Premiered April 2000, In Praise of Music Concert Series, La Canada, California and at Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, Peter Boyer conducting.* $35 for score and parts.

Cantata:  We Believe in You O God, based on the United Church of Christ Statement of Faith, for SATB soloist, SATB choir, chamber orchestra, organ, handbells, and bagpipes. (1999) (32’) Premiered in January 2000. Also performed October 2006 by St. Peter’s By the Sea (Palos Verdes, CA)  Choir and Orchestra, Jean Gothold, conductor.* $65 for score and parts.

Concert Band

Girls in the Band (2014). Composed for CSUN Wind Symphony, Dr. Berkeley A. Price, Guest Conductor, premiere performance, March 22, 2014, Antelope Valley College Performing Arts Theatre. $45 for score and parts.

Musical Theater

Jonah (2001), words and music by Jeannie Pool, 1-hour length musical, premiered August 2001 at Church of the Lighted Window Summer Musical Theater Workshop, La Canada, California.* $65 for score and parts. Grand Rights to be Negotiated.


Chamber Music

Cheshire Street Trio for flute, clarinet, and piano, for the ACE Trio, which premiered October 6, 2019, CSUN concert of National Association of Composers, USA.* $25 for score and parts.

I’m Troubled in Mind for woodwind quintet, dedicated to the nine shooting victims in Charles, South Carolina (2015). Premiered October 18, 2015, Concert of the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers, Pasadena, California.* $25 for score and parts.


A Walk with Shakespeare, for piccolo, viola, and cello. Presented by Voxnovus 60x60 Pacific Rim Mix in 2005 and 2006 in dozens of concerts throughout the United States.* $15 for score and parts.

Dance Suite, for oboe, violin, cello, and guitar. Premiered April 2005 by the Kibbe Family Trio with guest artist Gregg Nestor, guitar. $15 for score and parts.


Character Matters for string quartet (2004).  Premiered October 2004, by the Kirby Quartet, Les Amis Concert Series, Toronto, Canada (originally a piece for solo piano).*$25 for score and parts.

Sheer Delight, for tenor, flute, harp, and bassoon; premiered November 2002, by Jonathan Mack, Geraldine Rotella, David Riddles, and Gayle Levant. $35 for score and parts.


With Gratitude for solo double bass. Premiered in January 2003 by David Young, who commissioned the work.* $15 for the score.

Anomaly Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano.  Premiered October 3, 2003, Les Amis Concert Series, Toronto, Canada. In Memory of Loved Ones Lost (2002). Premiere December 2002 (string quintet and piano).* $15 for score and parts.


Suite for Violin and Piano (2001).  Commissioned by violinist Brian Leonard and pianist Delores Stevens, premiered in February 2001; heard on K-MOZART live Broadcast from the L.A. County Museum Concert.*


Four Seasons for Clarinet and Piano (2001). Composed for clarinetist Berkeley Price and pianist Deon Nielsen Price (The Price Duo).  Premiered November 2001.*

Episodia No. I for woodwind trio (flute, clarinet, and bassoon) (1996)* $15 for score and parts.

A Woman of Independent Means, for narrator and bassoon (1983, revised 2016). A rant by a homeless woman. $15 for the score and part.

With Pleasure for viola and cello (1996); premiered January 2001.*  $20 for score and parts.



Character Matters (2004) (2:58)  Premiered by Rebecca Rollins. $8

Latin Passions (2005) (4:30). For Nada Kolundzija. $8

Fantasia for Anne Boleyn (2004).  Premiered by pianist Virginia Eskin. $8

Cheating Husband Rag (2011) (2:50) piano solo, from the film score for The Dream * $8

Theme and Variations in Seven Four (2019) (4:00) For Jason Stoll. $8

Choral Works

On the Other Shore (SATB, piano) (1998) (arrangement of white spiritual) $5


Oh, Lord, Thank you for this morning (SATB, piano) (1997) (Lyrics by Pool) $5


Medley of Gospel Train Songs for Youth and Adult Choirs, hand percussion and piano (2001). Premiered May 2001. $12


Who Built the Ark? for Youth and Adult Choirs, hand percussion, and piano (1998). Premiered May 1999. Performed in February 2011 by 160 school children in the village of Pailapool, Assam in Northeast India. $8


The Spirit Now and Again Appears, for flute and children’s chorus (2 part) (1998), based on Native American tune and lyric. Premiered November 1999. $8


Film Scores

Wings (1927) Restoration of the original score, for Paramount Pictures, 2012; nominated for an award, Best Archival Re-Recording of an Existing Score by International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) [Shared with: J.S. Zamecnik (music); Peter Boyer (conductor); Ira Hearshen (conductor); Dominik Hauser (album producer); Dan Goldwasser (album producer, album art direction); M.V. Gerhard (album producer); and Matt Verboys (album producer)] DVD is commercially available.

Score for Peggy Gilbert and Her All-Girl Band, 2007.*  Available on DVD.

Score for Oops! a short film produced by ElBar Media, 2014. Available to view on Youtube. 

Score for Peridition Lake (2016), a short film (Elliott Barker, director), Nominated for Best Short Film,   Vancouver Short Film Festival (2017); Nominated for Festival Prize, Washington West Film Festival (2017). Available to view on Youtube.


Score for Mary Pickford (silent) film, The Dream [1911], commissioned and performed by the Scarborough Philharmonic, Ontario, Canada, conducted by Ronald Royer, May 14, 201, with live orchestra synchronized to the film.*


Orchestrations & Arrangements

Reconstruction and re-orchestration of Zenobia Powell Perry’s opera, Tawawa House (1985), for full staged performances with symphony orchestra by Townsend Opera Company, Modesto, California, May 2014.

Orchestrations of instrumental selections from Zenobia Powell Perry’s opera, Tawawa House (1985), for the Southeast Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Parthner, for a concert February 8, 2014, El Camino College Performing Arts Center.


Arrangements for Antelope Valley Concert Band of music from Dances with Wolves (John Barry); “Building the Barn” from Witness (Maurice Jarre), 2015; Hooray for Hollywood (2016).[Not currently available]

Arrangement of John Scott’s Rest Eternal for soprano, orchestra, and piano, premiered January 2000. [Not currently available]

Arrangement of The Little Drummer Boy (2001) for boy soprano, strings, piano, and percussion, premiered December 2000. $18 score and parts.

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